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Ingeborg Koot lives in beautiful British Columbia - Canada. She is a slipware potter essentially working in red earthenware clays. Her work is hand thrown and decorated with slip and a transparent glaze. These traditional earthenware pottery skills of decoration are applied by brush strokes and slip trailers, or by sgraffito techniques into the green-ware. Engobes give it a variety of rich tones and depth of colour.

Ingeborg chose to make slipware pottery because of the free way of decorating with clay and colour and is inspired by its tradition. Pots should be handled and used to enhance a home daily. Each pot with a function, and when setting a table, show a variety of table-ware which will look attractive, warm and homely, and above all, fun to use.

She makes a range of hand thrown pots, as well as decorative hand made commemorative tiles.

Her great love for wood fired pots is kindling hoping that one day she will be able to build her own wood-firing kiln.